30 11 / 2013

Currently hopping back and forth between mandolin and violin. Add that to guitar, and my calluses are going to be nuts!

Currently hopping back and forth between mandolin and violin. Add that to guitar, and my calluses are going to be nuts!

11 10 / 2013

DAFT PUNK MEDLEY - Jason Yang x John Schroeder - JasonYangViolin

The joy and technical excellence with which these guys play this medley is fantastic.

28 4 / 2012

I’m browsing around for sheet music for fast-paced American folk songs on violin. Any suggestions? Right now, I’m working on “Buffalo Gals”.

27 4 / 2012

Hearing someone practice is usually never pretty. It must drive my neighbors nuts when I play the same three notes over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, trying to get the transition from one to the other to sound as clean and clear as possible and drill it into muscle memory. It’s the kind of noise that you would force someone to listen to in order to make them go clinically insane.

Sorry, neighbors. You’re going to have to listen to a dieing cat for another few weeks while I try to get this violin to sing.

p.s. Building new muscles in the hand and forearms is literally a pain, but it means that I’m doing something right!

26 4 / 2012

My finger spacing is getting much better. I’m able to pluck songs really well, but my bow technique is dreadful, and my phrasing isn’t all that great.

I feel I’m getting better, even though, half the time, I sound like a dieing cat…

24 4 / 2012

Last night, I read the script for one of the plays that I’ll be doing this summer, and it says that one of the characters that I play breaks out a fiddle and starts playing.

I’ve had my violin for 4.5 years and have only “fiddled around” with it probably a grand total of 15 times. Today, I put in some real practice time with scales and exercises. I took string pedagogy in undergrad. So, I know how to teach myself violin. Now, I just need to see if I can get good enough to perform with it on stage in the next month-and-a-half.

I made some really good progress today. So, I have a really good feeling that, if I keep up the practice at least 5 days a week, a couple hours a day, I’ll be just fine by the time the play rolls around.

It’s nice to have an excuse to really put in the time on this instrument. My main instrument in string pedagogy was cello. So, I’m going over familiar territory. I’ve got some good muscle burn going on in different places along my hand, arm, shoulder, neck, and back. So, I know I’m putting in the effort.

This also means that the violin will make an appearance on my next album, which I’m really excited about.

15 6 / 2010

His bow gently stroked the stings of his violin.  It would have been a beautiful sound…if he weren’t always just a bit off on intonation.  He had good technique and great expression, but the pitch was always just a little off.  It was less apparent when he was just playing solo, but it became terribly obvious when he performed with even one other instrument.

The thing was Jimmy was still lauded as being very good.  Brad couldn’t understand why everyone always seemed so impressed with him.  Sure, he played multiple instruments, but he was only fair to mediocre and any one of them.  If Jimmy were really good at one of them, then Brad could give him some kudos, but as it was, it seemed like he was just a bit of a show-off.