05 5 / 2012

I just finished Season 1. Now, time for bed. I’ve been staying up far too late for the past handful of days (usually going to bed between 6am-8am). Plus, I’ve got to get up at 7am tomorrow. So, I kinda have to go to bed now, anyway.

23 4 / 2012

I kept dozing off as I drew tomorrow’s comic strip. I had to do a lot of undos because my pen kept scraping across the page when I would nod off.

I’m not totally satisfied with the look of it, but I justneedto go to bed. I can’t stay awake anymore.

p.s. Stand-up comedy went well tonight, even though the rain kept most everybody away.

24 2 / 2012

Every time I get into a groove with this animation thing, my body tells me I have to do this stupid thing called “sleep”. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve got a sinus infection coming on.

Stupid sinuses.