16 4 / 2012

Don’t worry; I’m all better now.

But, I was in bed for just about the entire day. I may have been awake for a total of 6 hours yesterday and slept like a rock through the night last night.

As a result of all of this, I didn’t get to draw today’s comic strip, yet. As soon as I get some breakfast in me, I’ll get right to work on that. Sorry about the lateness, folks. That’s what I get for not drawing ahead and having a small stockpile of strips scheduled and ready to go. Maybe I’ll change that this week…

13 4 / 2012

I had to stay up late to do this one…but how is that different from any other strip?…

06 2 / 2012

Time to clock in on my “writing job”. I’m 3 minutes late on my first day. I hope my boss doesn’t fire me. He seems like a pretty cool guy. So, I should be okay.