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05 12 / 2011

"Wainy Days: Season 5, Episode #33 - Kelly and Arielle - Part 1" - MyDamnChannel

It’s back, guys! One of the funniest shows on the internet and the reason I found MyDamnChannel, “Wainy Days” is comedy gold. If you enjoy the absurdist humor of Wet Hot American Summer or “Stella”, you’re really going to dig this show.

02 6 / 2010

Faced with this difficult problem, he knew it would take some doing before the issue could be resolved.  It was a question that had been nagging those who came before him for decades.  Who was he to try to outthink his betters, men of such genius that, all his life, he only aspired to be like them?

If he didn’t solve it, though, who would?  Some spunky kid rising up through the ranks to show that he was better than everyone else?  That kid would have no respect for the craft, no respect for his teachers.  He had to be the one to solve it, out of respect for those that came before him, respect for his mentors, respect for the foundations of what his whole life had come to be.  He would do it, even if it took him the rest of his life.

Would it drive him mad?  Would this pursuit become a futile attempt that would push him to the brink of insanity?

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