18 7 / 2013

Piece 3 of 15 of music for Americana Theatre Company’s production of An Inspector Calls.

Though it seems to start in a dark place, it moves to a bright one. Thus, this piece is part of the happy pre-show music. The strings are all synths, but the flute was recorded live.

I started writing this piece very early on but didn’t complete it until close to the opening of the show.

19 6 / 2012

Thanks for the support, everyone! I’ve moved up from 82nd place to 64th place since last night, but I’ve still got a long way to go until I’m in the top ten.

Please keep spreading the word about my entry in the Kimbra “Settle Down” remix contest. Here’s a direct link for my submission page:


There’s only a week left for voting. If you guys get me into the Top Ten, I’ll post a link on my Tumblr of where you can download a free digital copy of my Animals album, as well as the coloring book that goes along with it! (That’ll be available for a full week after the voting ends, and you can feel free to pass it along to others!)

12 6 / 2012

Ladies and gents, please do me the honor of voting for my remix of Kimbra’s “Settle Down”. By doing so, you will help me in my efforts to continue to make music for all to enjoy!

One vote per person. So, please pass this along to everyone!

You can also vote by going to this link: