19 8 / 2011

Thus, I didn’t get 6 hours of drawing in. I was only able to complete two pages (one with a connect-the-dots and the other with a maze). Then, I had to go host a game show at a resort. (That’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.) Then, I snagged a quick dinner before doing some research on standards for science in Tennessee elementary schools so that I can make a proper lesson plan for the teachers. Then, I performed improv. Then, I came home and tried to go to bed right away, failed at it for about an hour, opened the laptop and scrolled through Tumblr for a while, watched an hour-long BBC thing of Radiohead performing their latest album The King of Limbs, and now I’m writing this, about to reattempt sleep before opening the box office in the morning.

My body’s tuckered out. I hope my brain decides to switch to sleep mode. I don’t mind it being crazy active. I just want it to do that stuff in dream land rather than go-over-all-of-the-things-that-didn’t-go-as-well-as-hoped-in-the-show-and-figure-out-ways-to-improve-that-for-tomorrow’s-show land.