10 10 / 2013

Welcome To The Waldorf from Mike Andrews on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Waldorf - Mike Andrews

Highly enjoyable short documentary (5:44) by a few buddies of mine.

08 8 / 2010

Trimming expertly, Mr. Alanso was finished cutting Kenny’s hair in no time.  He turned the chair around to face the mirror and held up a mirror to the back of his head so that Kenny could see both the front and the back.  Kenny gave a nod of approval, to which Mr. Alanso whipped the chair around, removed the protective apron and gave him a dusting off, getting any loose hairs that may have found their way onto his shoulders or back.

Kenny took out his wallet and gave Mr. Alanso his due plus a tip.  It had been far too long since Kenny had been in a regular, “old-timey” barber shop that he had to give the guy a bit extra.  This was a master craftsman who’d been at it for nigh-on forty years.  He knew how to give a man a proper haircut.  This wasn’t a fancy Hollywood-styled cut; it was just a solid, no nonsense, respectable haircut.