23 8 / 2014

Episode 2 :: Well, Excited and Scared - The Stage Whisperer

My friends are making this is a great series for performers, but it might also be helpful in some day-to-day situations.

Watch and share. Cool? Cool.

14 8 / 2014

07 3 / 2014

Here’s my new acting reel! Share it with anyone in the biz.

For my voice-over reels, CLICK HERE!

16 11 / 2013


I just got hired to be part of the NYC branch of Calculus: The Musical. I’ll be heading to Cincinnati in January for 3 weeks then coming back to NYC to tour around this area until June.


25 6 / 2012


That’s right, ladies and gents, this is the first episode of my new web series that I’m making with Michelle Ciotta (who happens to be made of awesome sauce).

I wrote it and co-directed. Michelle co-directed, shot, and edited the thing. Thanks to Lorraine for guesting in this Claudia Hammersmith, along with Paloma Pilar making a cameo as the newscaster.

We’ll be starting up a Kickstarter campaign soon to get the funding for episodes 3-9. (Episode 2 has already been shot and will be ready for viewing in the near future.)


p.s. My plan is to release the series on blip.tv first, then put it on YouTube a week later.

20 4 / 2012

I have to get up in about 5 hours to meet the new dean of the School of Communications & the Arts from my alma mater. He’s in town and wants to meet the alumni in NYC. That should be nice. I just wish it weren’t so stinkin’ early… especially after I’ve kept myself awake for far too long working on drawing and stuff.

On another note, I had loads of fun performing tonight with the Astoria Performing Arts Center. There’s a Playmaking workshop they do with some 6th graders. The 6th graders write short plays (usually around 8-12 pages), and professional actors and directors (like myself) come in and perform them. I directed one (also performing a little cameo part in it because we were short on actors) and acted in another. It was loads of fun, and the group took us out for a bit of food afterwards. It’s good fun, if you get the opportunity to do it.

I’m doing a similar one for Writopia in May. That one’ll be fun, too!

A friend of mine also wanted to collaborate on some songwriting stuff, and I finally cracked into that today. It’s nice to flex that muscle again.

In any case, I need to sleep. I need to see if I can get some laundry done tomorrow before I have to be at work in the evening. I’m doing some ushering.

Hooray for creativity!

p.s. You can read the latest comic HERE when it posts.

25 1 / 2012

I got some stuff done today:

1) My first batch of laundry since being back in NYC. (That’s 3 weeks of laundry for anyone that’s counting.)

2) Shot some stuff for the web series with Lorraine. (She’s awesome sauce.)

But, I really needed to work on memorizing some lines today. We have to be off book by Friday, and I haven’t been putting nearly the amount of effort that I should have into it. I just kept procrastinating and catching up on YouTube and Hulu and basically doing everything I could so as not to memorize lines.

Every time I get a part in some production, stage or otherwise, I always tell myself, “This time, you won’t fall into the habits of lazy actordom, like most actors do. This time, you will memorize things quickly and not procrastinate.”

I succeed in this over half the time…

But, this has not been one of those times…

The fact that I’m even writing this right now is double proof that I’m procrastinating. Heck, I need to be in bed right now. I have to be up in 7 hours.

Looks like someone will be studying lines on the subway tomorrow morning on the way to rehearsal.

23 7 / 2010

“Cut!” the director shouted through the megaphone.  He really enjoyed using that thing every chance he’d get.  Jamie sometimes thought that he’d deliberately set most of these scenes outside just so that he could use it more often.

Jamie stood looking towards the tent with the bank of monitors and the director’s chair, waiting to hear what it was he did wrong this time.  People always seem to think that acting is a glamorous career, but they only see the sparkling exterior, the award ceremonies, the lobbies of the theatres, the fancy clothes worn at interviews.  They rarely ever think about just how much the actors had to get their hands dirty, about how many cruel, megalomaniacal directors and producers there were in proportion to the kind, collaborative ones.