11 11 / 2013

19 6 / 2012

Thanks for the support, everyone! I’ve moved up from 82nd place to 64th place since last night, but I’ve still got a long way to go until I’m in the top ten.

Please keep spreading the word about my entry in the Kimbra “Settle Down” remix contest. Here’s a direct link for my submission page:


There’s only a week left for voting. If you guys get me into the Top Ten, I’ll post a link on my Tumblr of where you can download a free digital copy of my Animals album, as well as the coloring book that goes along with it! (That’ll be available for a full week after the voting ends, and you can feel free to pass it along to others!)

18 6 / 2012

Please keep up the support by sharing this with others so I can break into the top ten of the Kimbra “Settle Down” remix contest at Indaba.com!

11 2 / 2012

"Kimbra ‘Wandering Limbs’ Live - Sideshow Alley" - SideshowAlleyTV

Here’s a little piece of awesome I didn’t know existed.