21 7 / 2014

Ep. 0019 - “A Sea Shanty for the Rest of Us” - 30-Second Sketches

Time to sing along with this piratey/not-so-piratey tune!

14 4 / 2014

I’m fine with watching a pre-roll ad that is 20 seconds or less before a video that is at least a minute-and-a-half. I’m fine with watching a 45-second ad for a video that is at least 7 minutes long. If I really like the YouTube channel, I won’t even push the “Skip Ad” button if those time parameters are met.

99.999% of the time, I will not watch an ad that is as long as/longer than the video I’m trying to watch. There is far too much content I’m trying to power through in my life to spend half of it watching ads. I will always, always, always skip an ad that is 2.5 minutes or longer. Always.

Also, what is the deal with using entire videos from other YouTubers as pre-roll ads? Channel preview/commercial videos = fine. Entire episodes/videos = unacceptable. Show a 15- to 30-second teaser for the video with a “click the ad to view the rest”. I might actually click on that stuff.

I know we’re all trying to figure this digital distribution thing out, but these things are not working.

06 4 / 2012

Check out the new comic strip!

27 11 / 2011

"CAPTION FAIL: Police Brutality" - RhettandLink

I love this series. They film a silly scene, then refilm it with the dialogue as captioned by YouTube’s closed caption, the refilm it with the closed caption of the closed captioned dialogue. It’s funny.

03 10 / 2011

"Caption FAIL 2" - RhettandLink

Rhett and Link are geniuses at exploiting the YouTube medium for all it’s worth. This is super funny!