03 4 / 2012

"Face to Face with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic: Denzel Washington / Megan Fox" - Nerdist

Thank you, Nerdist, for bringing me more “Weird Al”. Aside from his music, this is my favorite thing that he does.

21 7 / 2011

I’m currently listening to Alpocalypse. Join Us will be next. I love when I get a new album by an artist of which I’ve been a long-time fan.

Favorite line so far from Alpocalypse, in the song “If That Isn’t Love”:

You’re so beautiful you make a glorious sunset
Look like a big fat turd, yeah

p.s. I love the smell of the ink on a new album booklet.

23 6 / 2011

So, went to Amazon a few days ago and pre-ordered “Weird Al“‘s new album Alpocalypse and They Might Be Giants’ new album Join Us. The only problem with doing it that way is that, now, I have to wait until Join Us is released in late July to get my new “Weird Al”, which is available now.

Oh, the price I pay for wanting Super Saver FREE Shipping from Amazon…

22 4 / 2010

This one’s for Michelle. “Weird Al” “interviews” Avril Lavigne.

22 4 / 2010

"Weird Al" on a Japanese TV show in 1984 singing "Eat It", complete with sumo wrestlers, a chubby Japanese Michael Jackson and a…giant…lobster…

22 4 / 2010

A fun, informative video about Dirt from the mind of “Weird Al” Yankovic.